The Living Brews & Foods Protestival

Calling the community together in celebration of what we really need today, an organic and collaborative model for sustainable living, SYMBIOTIC FERMENTATION.

This idea is literally generating a lot of heat right now and we want you to be informed about why this process is fundamental to life. Get involved and help us transition away from the systems of food production that are undermining our health and the resilience of our community.

Fermented foods for the Living Brews and Foods Protestival.

Wild Ferment Festival 2016 Australia.

Check Out the Wild Ferment Festival in 2016

The Living Brews & Foods Protestival are proud supporters of all things that help get healthy, beneficial probiotic foods and beverages out there to the people. The Wild Ferment Festival is a gathering of people with an interest in fermentation, be it professional or merely fascinated curiosity. Attendees can experience unique foods, learn new skills and share the passion for fermented foods. The event will be hosted on Sunday the 6th of March 2016, in Castlemaine, Victoria.

Visit the Wild Ferment Festival website for more information.

Do You Brew? Would you like to?

This interactive protest festival, "The Protestival" will be super fun for everyone. Bring your own ferments, join a workshop and grow your knowledge, meet fellow focused fermentation fanatics, taste what they are making, party with us!

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What is it?

An Australian festival to celebrate probiotic brews and foods, offering a host of workshops, tastings, swap meets and contests. Plus live acts, market crafts and fresh, tasty living food.

Where is it?

Melbourne, VIC somewhere. Location TBA.

When is it?

Really SOON. If you are signed up to our newsletter you will hear all about it; if not, stay tuned to this page!


Living foods work for your total wellbeing. The acids produced by these cultures can stimulate the immune system, alleviate bowel problems, assist anti-fungal actions and promote cell regeneration. Corporately created synthetic foods are creating epidemic health problems, yet our corporately sponsored government is enforcing strict food safety requirements on all living boutique food producers. Current government legislation is crushing these small businesses and the important idea that FOOD IS MEDICINE.

The Petition

Support us now! Sign this petition to ask the Victorian and QLD governments to come into line with Australian Food Standards to allow symbiotically fermented (traditional non-alcoholic) beverages to be classed as non-alcoholic beverages so we can get them into your local store.

Sign the petition now